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Acceptance of steel structure

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(1) to ensure that the project: to ensure that the project is an important project to ensure the safety of the project or the use of function. Regardless of the quality grade assessment of qualified or excellent, must meet the requirements of all specified requirements. For different projects GB5021-95 clearly defined project content, to ensure that the project is only required to meet, no good, qualified points.

(2) basic project: the basic project is to ensure the safety of the project or the use of the basic functions of the basic test items, the indicators of "qualified" and "good" level two, is one of the conditions for the assessment of the quality of the project.

(3) the allowable deviation item: the allowable deviation item is the item that is allowed to be allowed in the testing of the sub project. The measurement of a small amount of sampling points in the inspection and evaluation is slightly more than the allowable deviation range.

(4) the visual quality score: the perception of quality by more than three people to assess joint inspection. The inspection items and standards for the processing and installation of steel structures are as follows. The perception of the quality assessment of each project pumping 10 points were assessed according to the qualified rate of rating, see the perception of the quality evaluation standard table.